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Our Background

Our Firm's Background


   Our Company’s beginnings started over 35 years ago in Kingston, Pennsylvania when Edward A. Coach, CPA started a sole proprietorship. Over time the original company transformed itself into today’s partnership Coach, Kopko, Shorts and Reid, LLP. From the beginning of our existence to the present day, our company believes in quality of service, dedication to our clients, providing services in a timely manner, being educated, and using our team approach in providing services. 

  Our Company is a full service accounting firm serving northeastern and central Pennsylvania. Our business clients have revenues between ten thousand and thirty million dollars of annual revenues, and each client has a variety of services done on an annual basis. Our business clients usually receive an eleven month tax and financial planning service, a year end financial statement, and a final tax preparation service.  In addition our business clients use our many consulting services throughout the year.

           Our firm prides itself on doing a majority of accounting services at your place of business to build a good working relationship and to assure all your accounting needs are addressed.  We also pride ourselves on working closely with your other team advisors such as your insurance agent, attorney, computer consultant, and your investment advisor.  We have learned throughout the years that a team of great professional advisors can help a company achieve all their financial needs.

 Our individual clients consist largely of the shareholders, family members and relatives of our business clients.  We also provide tax services, estate, and trust service to other individuals as well. Our individual clients also receive a great quality of service from the partners and staff at Coach, Kopko, Shorts, & Reid LLP.  Our team is there for you.


 Coach, Kopko, Shorts and Reid, LLP and partners with the CPA designation are licensed to practice certified public accounting in the state of Pennsylvania.  All licenses are current.

 Coach, Kopko, Shorts and Reid, LLP is committed to quality and participates in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ peer review program. A peer review verifies our compliance with accounting industry standards, our quality trained staff, and we are in compliance with education requirements.  Coach, Kopko, Shorts and Reid, LLP has achieved the highest peer review rating. 

Many of our partners and staff members are members in the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts, the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Pennsylvania Society of Public Accountants. These organizations are the leading accounting industry organizations.